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Obviously we love books! The sense of security, freedom, opportunity, identity, hope, and boundlessness they inspire. We love the tangibility of these feelings when books are present. LiterARTurE recreates these emotions and allows them to be permanently present in life by literally hanging them on your wall, personalising your living space and giving it true meaning. What words we choose, what author, what design is what creates that meaning. 

Here's where the idea came from. Living in a world that has its demands- demands that often stop us from doing what we really love, we all feel a little bit (or a lot) of pressure to create and maintain a certain lifestyle. It's a little fast-paced, it's a little stressful. We search for a place where it all slows down. The image that presents itself to us is as follows: our sofa, a blanket, soft light and our favourite book... accompanied by a cup of tea, a glass of wine maybe. Perhaps some of our favourite tracks playing quietly in the background. Now this is our safe place. It's cosy and familiar, yet inspiring and creative. THIS is the place we want to visit... and revisit as often as we can. 

Here's where LiterARTurE was born. It's with this place in mind that we begun thinking- wouldn't it be wonderful to be reminded of it when we wake up in the morning, getting ready for work... or when we’re having dinner after a busy day? Well, yes it would. So here's where LiterARTurE comes in- transporting you to THAT place, born out of our deep love of books, passion for design and appreciation of visual arts... oh, and tea!